Date of Publishing

Institut für internationale Architektur-Dokumentation
 München 2017

Hermann Kaufmann, Stefan Krötsch, Stefan Winter

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978-3-95553-353-3 (Print)
978-3-95553-353-0 (E-Book)
978-3-95553-353-7 (Bundle)

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Atlas Multi-Storey Timber Construction

Hermann Kaufmann, Stefan Krötsch, Stefan Winter

Wood is regarded as a visual attractive, tactile material; it is sustainable, renewable and usually readily available. The fact that wood is now almost unrestricted for use in multi-storey buildings is, however, new and requires a more creative approach to a buildings construction than has been practiced so far.
Modern timber construction has moved away from the classical categorisations it once had, such as timber frame construction, skeletal construction, etc. and now it allows for a mixture of different types of construction within a single project. This opens up completely new possibilities for the timber construction architecture.

The focus of this publication is on multi-storey timber construction. Atlas provides architects, engineers and wood professionals with the essential knowledge about the new systematics and construction methodologies, from the design to the prefabrication to the finished building. The Atlas, details what is needed to create mutual understanding among all project participants for the necessary cooperation in the integral planning and construction process, and provides the necessary technical competence to convincingly represent modern timber construction.

·         Design and design methodology in multi-storey timber construction

·         New systems for wood and wood hybrid construction

·         Elements, layer structure, tectonics

·         Prefabrication and fitting

·         Detailed project examples with individual documentation