Date of Publishing

Prof. Hermann Kaufmann, Prof. Winfried Nerdinger

in Zusammenarbeit mit Martin Kühfuss, David Wolfertstetter, Mirjana Grdanjski

Atelier Gassner, Feldkirch

Prestel Verlag, München, [nicht mehr lieferbar]



Building with wood – Path to the future I Berlin

Building with Wood – Creating the Future

Ausstellungskatalog Berlin 2016

The ecological significance, the technological potential and the new aesthetics of the familiar building material wood, are the focus of this publication.
The first chapter, supported by explanatory graphs, explains the contribution of the materials supplier to active climate protection. All the building examples shown in the diagrams are presented with explanatory paragraphs, meaningful photographs and detailed plans. Then it goes on to share nine well-known specialist authors’ analyses of the technological and aesthetic potential of wood in timber construction. The text is illustrated by the presentation of different architectural examples. The emphasis of the second chapter is the constructive / technological aspects, which are outlined in various construction-related case studies. In the third chapter, large-format photography illustrates the enormous variety of exciting design possibilities of wood in timber construction. The whole book concludes with a detailed bibliography. The publication provides an enjoyable, informative and sensuous reading experience that is not just for experts.

Publication of the exhibition of the Chair of Design and Timber Construction with the Architecture Museum of the TU Munich in the Martin-Gropius-Bau Berlin 21 October 2016 to 15 January 2017