Ausstellung Wood Works in München

Architecture galerie Munich,
05. December - 16. January 2009

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Hermann Kaufmann WOOD WORKS I Munich

Hermann Kaufmann is a pioneer of modern timber construction in Europe. This exhibition, which is based on Kaufmann’s biography, does not begin and end with “beautiful architecture”, it instead demonstrates modern building as part of the responsible handling of nature and landscapes.

The community centre Ludesch in Vorarlberg, which was built according to his plans, has been awarded several prizes and showcases building biologically and energy-efficiency through modern technology, at international standards. Materials, presentations, photo essays of this project are the focus of this exhibition.

Supported by: Kaufmann Bausysteme, Kaufmann Holz, WIEHAG, Binderholz, Finnforest Merk, Hartmann Fensterbau, MGT Mayer Glastechnik, Joinery Sigg, Tischlerei Gerold Matt