April 2018
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11 bis 13. April 2018
Ort: Kongresspalast Congrexpo, 3 boulevard de Champagne, BP 67827
21078 Dijon cedex, Frankreich

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8th International Forum on Timber Construction in Dijon France

France’s construction sector is picking up again, with almost half a million homes approved in 2017 and around 420,000 building permits granted. The demand is enormous, and the trend towards timber construction goes from strength to strength.

Timber construction in France is a dynamic and growing market, one that contributes to the necessary reduction of CO2 emissions. In 2018, the Macron government launched the third timber industry development plan and commissioned Adivbois with a national tender for urban construction, with 13 timber high-rise projects to be presented at the launch event in Dijon.

Dijon is considered a pioneer of the new urban energy concepts under the collective term Smart City, which, in combination with urban timber construction, represents a sustainable city of the future. The 8th Timber Construction Forum France is a building block for a new modern urbanisation with timber.

As part of this event, DI Hermann Kaufmann gives a lecture entitled “His vision of timber construction”.

The event programme