December 2012
Text Architekten Hermann Kaufmann, Image Robert Fessler

klima: aktiv Gold for Multi-Apartment Construction in Sulzberg

The multi-apartment building in Sulzberg, from Morscher Bau- & Projektmanagement GmbH, was awarded the “klima: aktiv Gold” in November 2012 by the Austrian Government. With one of the best evaluations for a multi-family residences in all of Austria, the “klima: aktiv Bauen und Sanieren” found an absolute winner in this project.

The multi-family dwelling achieved 979 points, the highest point number of all multi-family buildings in Austria so far and therefore exceeding the requirements of 900 points, making it a firm gold award winner. Also the building has a primary energy requirement of 117 kWh / (m²a), which is even below the limit for certified passive houses.

The system combines passive-type efficiency (excellent insulation, high-quality windows, comfort ventilation with heat recovery, highest design quality …) with a large-scale thermal solar system for water heating and heating support, as well as a grid-connected solar power system. The concept was especially optimised for the radiated climate in Sulzberg. In addition to the energy quality, the ecological quality has also been optimised and has received extremely positive evaluations.

In addition to the atmosphere and cosy ambience, the economic efficiency of the chosen energy concept is particularly important for the residence. Thanks to low running costs and the highest level of construction, the total annual costs are not higher than in buildings of standard quality.

On November 16, 2012 the presentation of the plaque klima: aktiv Gold to Günter Morscher in the presence of Mayor Helmut Blank by Erich Schwärzler and Martin Ploß from the Energieinstitut Vorarlberg as regional partner of the program klima: aktiv Bauen und Sanieren,  took place.