Baden-Württemberg Timber Construction Prize 2022 for SWG screw factory Gaisbach GmbH, Waldenburg

The Baden-Württemberg Timber Construction Prize 2022 was awarded for the first time as part of the state’s timber construction campaign. Many of the submitted works raised awareness of the need for an environmentally-friendly building culture using wood, and a sustainable development of the building sector. [Baden-Württemberg, 2022]


A total of 111 works were submitted, 4 awards and 3 prizes were awarded.


Praise from the jury

The new construction of the production hall for an industrial company in Waldenburg illustrates the performance, the aesthetic potential and the innovative strength of modern timber construction. In order to ensure the required flexibility of the production processes, the supports in the 114 x 96.5 m, 12m high hall were reduced to a minimum. This created the world’s largest roof structure made of beech laminated veneer wood with spans of 40m and 42m. A shining example of contemporary industrial architecture: resource-efficient, sustainable and beautiful. [Holzbau-Campaign BW, 2022]


We are very pleased to have received the Baden-Württemberg Timber Construction Prize 2022 and would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved for such wonderful cooperation! Many thanks also to the client, SWG Schraubenwerk Gaisbach GmbH, Waldenburg for your trust.