Experts discuss the very best Timber has to offer

Holzbau Austria and its partners host an expert debate

This year sees the 6th annual “Timber Architecture Technical Discussion“, organised by The Association of Timber Construction Austria, take place on March 12th.

The concept: Architects experienced in timber construction report first hand on selected projects and are then available to answer questions. Collectively the panel probes, explores, challenges and develops new and existing elements of, and topics in timber architecture.

This year the event takes place in Forum 21 of the Blaha in Korneuburg. The lecture schedule includes special projects, such as the SWG screw production hall and the St. Michael training centre. Examples from residential construction are also included. From architects to structural engineers and students, everyone is invited who wants to move towards more timber construction and is looking for initial contacts. Participation is free of charge.

Since the number of participants is limited to 150, it is important to register here quickly, but no later than March 2.