May 2021
Text HolzbauPlus, Bild HK Architekten

The Federal HolzbauPlus 2020: Recognition for SWG Schraubenwerk

The Ministry of Food and Agriculture (BMEL) announced the winners in the federal HolzbauPlus 2020 competition. Ten competitors were honoured in four categories.

Through the “HolzbauPlus” competition, the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture has been promoting building with timber since 2012. Building with renewable raw materials is an active contribution to climate protection because trees store tons of CO2 and remove greenhouse gases from the air. The CO2 remains stored even after the tree has been processed into building material. In addition, timber naturally has very good insulation values ​​and therefore is highly energy efficiency.

Federal Forest Minister Julia Klöckner has now honoured the winners of the competition for 2020 and emphasized:

“The use of wood is active climate protection – because it stores carbon. So if you build with it, you act! Building a single-family house out of wood produces up to 56 percent fewer greenhouse gas emissions. Builders, investors and planners around the world are increasingly relying on it – building with wood is becoming more and more attractive and popular. We contribute to progressive materials popularity this with our competition. I warmly congratulate this year’s winners! “