February 2015
Text pro:Holz, Image Bruno Klomfar

Recognition for ‘Haus der Kinder’ at the Holzbaupreis Tirol 2015

The Holzbaupreis Tirol 2015 had 125 submissions; it awarded 36 nominations, including 4 awards and 7 recognitions in 7 different categories. The increased popularity of the awards is something the Holzbaupreis Tirol 2015 should be very proud of.

With numerous celebrities, business leaders and politicians joining the evening, the event was a must attend social gathering. Attendees included LHStv. ÖR Josef Geisler, LR Patricia Zoller-Frischauf, LR Johannes Tratter and the Chamber of Economics’ President Jürgen Bodenseer.

For the fifth time, proHolz Tirol and the Chamber of Architects and Engineers invited Tirol and Vorarlberg to submit their outstanding projects for the award “Holzbaupreis Tirol 2015”. The award met with widespread interest, a sign that wood plays a key role in architecture and construction. Architectural quality, in addition to the craftsmanship and material construction, formed the basis for selection for an award and for the formal recognitions. The kindergarten in Rum received recognition in the category mixed construction / hybrid construction.

The presentations on the night were carried out by LHStv. ÖR Josef Geisler and LADStv. Dr Dietmar Schennach, board member of proHolz Tirol.