September 2013
Text Architekten Hermann Kaufmann, Images Stefan Müller Naumann

Fernpassstraße Munich Receives Recognition at the German Building Award 2013.

The Deutsche Städtetag DST, the GdW Federal Association of German Housing and Real Estate Companies, and the German Association of Architects BDA have launched the ‘German Bauharrn Award 2013/14’.

The awards for modernisation and new construction, have been celebrating exemplary residential buildings since 1986 under the motto “high quality – manageable costs”, this new award highlights the role of the building contractors as a guiding partner in development projects and was awarded to the project Fernpassstraße, Munich.

Cost-effectiveness, resource conservation, energy efficiency and high quality must be the goal of all key stakeholders in housing construction – especially in the context of demographic change. The decisive factors are the responsibility of the builder, who must pay attention not only to bearable costs in building, but also to the long-term viability of their investments. This requires quality awareness in the layout, choice of materials and the overall appearance. The ability to manage the multiple changes during a development process a vital, as it is these incremental changes that will have the greatest long term effect.  They require a huge level of skill and a comprehensive understanding of every element of both building and regulatory requirements.