April 2016
Text Europäischer Architekturpreis, Image Bruno Klomfar

European Architecture Award 2015: IZM – Illwerke Zentrum Montafon receives an accolade

The European Architecture Award for Energy & Architecture took place for the 4th time this year, and the “Illwerke Zentrum Montafon” received an accolade.

The new construction of the “Illwerke”, is one of the largest wooden office buildings in Central Europe, with more than 10,000 m² of floor space. The surroundings of the 120 meter long structure, a narrow Alpine valley, allow the building to mimic the landscape.

With the modular hybrid construction of wood and concrete, and the use of the most suitable materials, led to a very economical and ecological construction. The prefabricated wood-concrete ceilings, in connection with pairs of pillars, and the facade elements allowed for extremely fast installation.

Wood is the predominant building material, and also an integral part of the interior design, further contributing to a very good CO2 balance of the new building.

The building receives passive house standard and the heating requirement is completely covered by the waste heat of electricity production and through the heat pump system the air cooling demands are met too. Furthermore, all luminaries are equipped with LED lamps and daylight control.

The jury praises the consistent implementation of the sustainable construction and the successful integration of the technical equipment into the whole structure.