May 2014
Text BUS: STOP Krumbach, Image Architekten Hermann Kaufmann

International Architecture Project BUS: STOP KRUMBACH launches.

An international architecture project called BUSS:STOP Krumbach has launched in Bregenzerwald, Austria.  It will see seven architects create seven individual bus stop structures, that make seven unique statements and showcase the regional heritage of craftsmanship.

Beautiful Bregenzerwald, in Vorarlberg, offers visitors the chance to experience a rich culture and cuisine, architecture and crafts, sports and leisure at a standard much higher than what is expected of such a rural idyll.   The timber construction tradition of Bregenzerwald is recognised globally, and attracts over 30,000 tourists every year. New architecture in Vorarlberg continues to celebrate and utilise the craftsmanship that has shaped this region for centuries.

International expertise will meet regional competence with the project BUS: STOP Krumbach, which has launched in the Bregenzerwald. The project is designed to support and encourage dialogue, and to develop the combination of the regional building tradition with future thinking.  It will see seven international architectural firms from Spain, Belgium, Norway, Russia, Chile, China, and Japan all design and build of seven new bus stops in Krumbach.

“Innovation comes through exchanges and engagement with other cultures. We are looking for new perspectives and inspiration for our region” Arnold Hirschbühl, Mayor of Krumbach.

Dietmar Steiner (Director of the Architekturzentrum Wien, AzW) and Marina Hämmerle (Project Coordinator) were appointed curators by the organisers (Association kultur krumbach). As a consultant, Verena Konrad, the new director of the vai (Vorarlberg Architecture Institute) will also support the scheme, along with the Bregenzerwald Tourist Board and the Vorarlberg Chamber of Commerce Vorarlberg.

The invited architectural firms are: Ensamble Studio Antón García-Abril and Débora Mesa, Spain; Architecten de Vylder Vinck Taillieu, Belgium; Rintala Eggertsson Architects, Finland / Norway; Alexander Brodsky, Russia; Wang Shu, China; Sou Fujimoto, Japan and Smiljan Radic, Chile.