April 2021
Bild: Atelier Andrea Gassner/Christopher Walser

Now available – book “SCHRAUBENWERK MIT HOLZ – Pushing the Limits of Hardwood”

The new production hall of the SWG screw factory in Gaisbach is a pioneering building for timber construction. The architecture sets new standards for the use of hardwood and re-explores the limits of the future-oriented, renewable building material. The result is a pioneering building that combines efficient floor plans, a pleasant atmosphere and sustainable construction in line with corporate identity.

In this book the project is comprehensively documented from different perspectives, including in-depth technical and professional prospective and insights.

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Language: German/English
Book design: Atelier Andrea Gassner / Christopher Walser and Andrea Gassner
Photography: Atelier Andrea Gassner / Christopher Walser