December 2007
Text Architekten Hermann Kaufmann, Images Adi Bereuter

Sutterlüty Rohrbach-Dornbirn receives the Golden Mercury 2007 Prize

This year’s Golden Mercury Prize, the coveted award for the best supermarket in Austria – was awarded to Sutterlüty Rohrbach-Dornbirn. The premium supermarket was conceived by architects Hermann Kaufmann (award winner of the Global Award for Sustainable Architecture 2007) and it is innovative in many respects.

The vast open-space timber constructions hall is over 600 m², and is bathed in natural light. It is a CO2-friendly zero energy concept. The jury praised above all the high regional distribution of agricultural products in the total turnover (approx. 30%), the affinity to regional structures of the farming tradition, as well as the extensive and fresh assortment of produce.