November 2007
Text and Images Architekten Hermann Kaufmann – TU München

Orange Farm

Kindergarten South Africa

The activity of Hermann Kaufmann as a professor at the Technical University of Munich, Faculty of Architecture, and Department of Wood Construction offers opportunities for mutual exchange programmes. A great example of this is the project “build together – learn together” in South Africa.

In the summer, 29 architecture students from the Technical University of Munich built a nursery school in Johannesburg in a township (Orange Farm), from design to execution planning to on-site, construction management and fund raising.  The construction lasted five weeks and building Site Manager Bmstr. Gerold Hämmerle from Hermann Kaufmann’s office was there to help. When it was time to carry out the masonry work efficiently, Gerold Hämmerle travelled to South Africa to support the effort. For 14 days, he supervised and managed the work around the mixing machine. He then went on to apply the plaster by hand, checking the work with a spirit level. An impressive experience for students, assistants and for Gerold: “The dedication and passion of the whole team have inspired me.”