November 2016
Text and image DGNB Preis

Schmuttertal Gymnasium Diedorf wins the DGNB award Building Sustainable 2016

Exemplary sustainability achievements in business, development and research were celebrated at the 2016 the German Sustainability Awards.

The Prime Minister of Bhutan, Tshering Tobgay, US actor Nicolas Cage, and the hip-hop group Die Fantastischen Vier, were honoured with a special awards for their engagement in sustainability at a festive gala, attended by 1200 honoured guests,  in Düsseldorf

The DGNB Price for Sustainable Building was awarded to the Schmuttertal-Gymnasium in Diedorf.

The Schmuttertal Secondary School in Diedorf was nominated for multiple reasons. Due to precision planning of the timber construction, the manufacturing was more efficient, resulting in a very short construction time. The wood construction uses renewable building materials, which requires just a little “grey energy” and enables a higher CO2 balance, and the wood-concrete ceilings reduce fluctuations in temperature. The use of highly efficient technical solutions and a photovoltaic system are the reason why more energy is generated than consumed.

The Schmuttertal Secondary School in Diedorf not only achieves the German plus energy standard, it is also modular, allowing for agility in the ever changing ways in which modern education is carried out. The four buildings that form the school perfectly integrate into the landscape at the edge of the Augsburg Nature Park. The project shows how modular building and pre-manufacturing can be a cost-effective, sustainable, functional and beautiful.