December 2010
Text Architekten Hermann Kaufmann, Images Bruno Klomfar

Sohm Holzbau Receives Price the State Prize for Architecture Industry and Trade

The winners are characterised by a very high positive building culture; they emphasise and support the minimal consumption of resources, greater energy efficiency and the use of innovative technologies, stated Mitterlehner.  The state prize reinforces raising awareness of sustainable architecture and is intended as a positive incentive for other companies, according to Mitterlehner. Due to the rapid growth of industrial and commercial areas, their sustainable architectural design is more important than ever before.

Jury’s statement for the category ‘Small and medium-sized enterprises’:
It was the addition of the ethos of the client Sohm that convinced the jury. Like the structure they have a strong presence, they are ecological thought-out, and they respect their environment.  Sohm Holzbautechnik produces a high-tech product: ceiling and wall elements made of solid wood, which do not need glue or steel connections. This idea sounds simple, but requires precise processing and profound knowledge. The expansion of the company was a way to carry the image of the company outwards. The large barn structure does not exist solely as single sculptural gesture, but as a composition of all the components.