August 2019
Text Timber Construction Day 2019 Oslo, Bild SWG Schraubenwerk, Gaisbach

Timber Construction Day 2019: Lecture in Oslo

This year’s Timber Construction Day will be held on September 4 at DOGA in Oslo.

It is an arena which brings together the latest from the world of timber architecture including technical innovative solutions, modern use of timber and award-winning architecture.

Timber Construction Day this year has an enormously strong representation of internationally renowned architects and engineers including:

Estudio Gustavo Utrabo (formerly Aleph Zero Architects) from Brazil will present the Childrens Village which won the “RIBA International Prize 2018 for the world’s best new building”.

Totan Kuzembaev is Russia’s foremost timber architect and will present projects with collaborators in the engineering firm Idea Statika.

Switzerland’s LOCALARCHITECTURE recently won “The 2019 International award for wood architecture” and will, together with the engineer Ratio bois Sárl, present their innovative designs.

Path Architects + Kaiser Group are both an architecture and contracting firm, and a leader in the use of mass timber in multi-story buildings in the United States. They will talk about their works, with focus especially on the 8 story housing building Carbon12 and the growing mass timber market in the US.

There will also be insights into new and exciting European wood projects from Format Engineers (UK), Herman Kaufmann (AUS), GROUPWORK (UK), Mecanoo (NL), as well as several newly-created timber projects from the American continent presented by among others Undurraga Arquitectos (Chile), Patkau Architects (Canada) and Equilibrium Consulting (Canada).

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