October 2015
Text wienwood 15, Image Bruno Klomfar

wienwood 15 – Holzbaupreis honours Mühlweg

From the outstanding 76 entries, 5 awards and 6 award winners were selected at this year’s wienwood 15 – Holzbaupreis. The awards want to celebrate superb examples of housing, public buildings, commercial and interior design, and exterior design. Architects and planners, builders and property developers, as well as timber construction companies, were entitled to submit entries. The wienwood 15 – Holzbaupreis was awarded by proHolz Austria in cooperation with the City of Vienna and the Architekturzentrum Wien.

wienwood 15- Holzbaupreis jury said:
The residential building on Mühlweg is a trailblazer for multi-storey timber construction in the city of Vienna. The system was completed in 2006, and has stood the test of time perfectly. It still has a convincing cheerful urban flair.
Three storeys built of wood were, at the time of construction, a first for Vienna. The experience gained from this project paved the way for subsequent wooden buildings. As an internationally respected milestone, this catalyst project joins other hybrid wooden constructions from Dietrich | Untertrifaller and Hubert Rieß to be honoured with an award.