Office Profil

Company History

Established in 1983
Registered as GmbH in 2002
2018 Change the Company name to
Hermann Kaufmann + Partner ZT GmbH


Univ.-Prof. DI Hermann Kaufmann

Executive Board

Univ.-Prof. Arch. DI Hermann Kaufmann
Arch. DI Roland Wehinger


DI Christoph Dünser
DI Stefan Hiebeler


21 (2018)

Areas of Expertise

Architecture planning
Site supervision
Site coordination
Timber construction specialist

Philosophy & History

Our office is an integral part of the famous Vorarlberg architectural scene and we are hugely influenced by the regions heritage of craftsmanship. The verity of our projects is what makes us distinctive. For us, architecture means the search for the context: creating references to the location, connections to the natural environment, neighbouring buildings and the community as a whole.

We use, and incorporate, a modern and progressive design language. Architecture, however, is not just the search for structural expression; it is the result of an in-depth discussion about the diversity of parameters and finding a balanced within them combined with the architectural joy of the new.

We specialise in two key areas; sustainable construction, in its broadest sense, and modern timber construction. Due to our in-depth and extensive experience with organic construction materials, we are able to break boundaries. The advantages of wood and its ecological qualities are undeniable. This locally abundant building material offers the opportunity for an alternative and creates dynamic construction process. It is also widely regarded as an important alternative to conventional materials for our living and working environments. Sustainable construction is a lot more than just low-energy and passive house concepts. For us, sustainability means taking every aspect into account; the constructional quality, the life cycle and most importantly, the ecology. With our intelligent concepts, we want to create durable and versatile structures.

In 1983 Hermann Kaufmann opened the architectural office in Schwarzach. His determination to work, skilled craftsmanship and a solid education were the basis for the successful start. The one-man operation, in the office with Christian Lenz, has grown to today's office of 21 employees. The number and variety of projects complete by the team to date are vast. Wood construction plays a major role in the offices portfolio as almost 80% of all buildings to date are purely wooden or hybrids.

We offer a complete service to our clients. From design to detail planning and site management, everything can be executed by our team of experts. This integrated approach makes projects, and their processes, less complicated for our clients. Special attention has been given to budget planning, which means that this important service can be competently delivered, as can the general planning activity, which is increasingly required.