Project Information


Dr. Rainer De Meyer



Project facts 641,06m², GFA 819,0 m²,
GBV 2.589,77 m³
Energy 35,7 kWh/m²a

Photo Arch. DI Roland Wehinger
Text Tina Mott
Translation Bronwen Rolls

Project Stakeholders

De Meyer, Dornbirn

Growing inwards

The central residential quarter to the east of Dornbirn’s market square is characterised by a variety of buildings from different eras, reflecting the successive development of this urban zone. To preserve the green character of the neighbourhood this house had to grow inside its own footprint and existing volume.

The existing single-family house was removed down to the basement ceiling and the basement was extended by a double garage. This base of reinforced concrete served as the foundation for a three-storey wooden structure that houses four residential units.

The living rooms and bedrooms are mainly oriented to the south or west to guarantee optimal sunlight and views towards the distant mountains. While the interiors were lined with high-quality materials, the façades are covered with rough-sawn formwork made of silver fir, which blends in with the mature surroundings.

Project Details