Dorner Electronic, Egg
Dorner Electronic, Egg

Project Information


  • Project Leader
    Wolfgang Bilgeri
  • Cost Planning
    Bmst. Ing Norbert Kaufmann
  • Building Site Manager
    Harald Seidler
  • Builder-Owner
    Dorner Electronic GmbH & Co KG, Egg



    Project facts 1.809,00 m², GFA 2.150,00 m²,
    GBV 7.675,00 m³

    Text Otto Kapfinger "Hermann Kaufmann Wood Works",
    Translation Bronwen Rolls

    Photo Ignacio Martinez

    Project Stakeholders
    • Structural Engineering Timber Construction
      merz kaufmann partner GmbH, Dornbirn
    • Structural Engineering Concreate Construction
      Mader & Flatz Ziviltechniker GmbH, Bregenz
    • Building Physics/Acoustics
      DI Dr. Lothar Künz ZT GmbH, Hard
    • Green Space Planning
      DI Barbara Bacher, Linz

    Dorner Electronic, Egg

    Inside, timber encases innovative technology. Outside, it responds to the local environment.

    In the 1960’s, Dorner Electronic was a major supplier of electronic devices to Russia. Since then it has evolved from a two-man company, into one with over 90 employees. Thanks to the company’s consistent support and provision of software and hardware solutions, today it is global market leader in its sector.

    The original plant was designed by Leopold Kaufmann in 1977 and he was also responsible for the first extension. The rapid growth of the company required a design concept that allowed for generous expansion of the plant and it’s facilities. In this case, the expansion plans saw expanding the existing plant through the addition of new stories as the best solution.

    Usually, companies in this sector want to project a progressive corporate image through the use of high-tech building materials. But in this case the business is located in the timber centre heart of “Bregenzerwald”, and, given that the existing structure was primarily built of timber, it seemed – despite some reservations from the client – only natural to encase the headquarters in the gradually weathering timber that is native to the region.

    The slightly cantilevered timber superstructure with interior columns and long, non-load-bearing strip windows is placed atop the existing structure. Although the volume has been doubled, the building is both more gracefully and more clearly integrated into the regional setting than before.

    Project Details


    • Holzbaupreis Vorarlberg
      2003 (Auszeichnung)
    • Stabilimento Dorner Electronic a Egg
      ZN Z-110, Beatrice Spirandelli, l´architettura naturale, 23/2004, S. 48-55