Gantner/Bundschuh, Sulzberg
Gantner/Bundschuh, Sulzberg

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Prof. Dr. Gantner Florian, Dr. Daniela Bundschuh



Project facts 697 m², GFA 879 m²,
GBV 2975 m³
Denkmalgeschütztes Gebäude

Text Tina Mott
Photo Arch. DI Roland Wehinger

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Gantner/Bundschuh, Sulzberg

Revitalising an historical gem

The stately Landammannhof from the first half of the 19th century sits on a soft south-easterly slope. Its generously glazed window openings of the gable front allow wide views over the Bregenzerwald. The finely crafted triplet window on the top floor gives the impression of that behind the knitted façade, clad with arched shingle; there are significant handcrafted treasures from the classic period to be discovered, and there are. The tiles of the ceramic heating oven in the empire vase décor are typical of the region, so too is the box clock with its carefully painted face.

The clock face and the built-in cupboards are evidence of the wealth and artistry of the owner’s families.  All elements of the past and its culture, has to be preserved for future generations, so all interventions in the building fabric were carefully planned and executed in close cooperation with the representatives of the Federal Monuments Office.

For the traditional division of the building volume into fully accessible residential units with a utility wing, there is a clear access zone with spacious timber staircases and an elevator between the two parts of the building.  By expanding the threshing floor additional living space, as well as a garage deck and a comfortable wellness area, can also be created. 

When renovating the front building, the planning team paid particular attention to the existing elements, upgrading supporting structures to the original stone.  Timber floors and the wall and ceiling panels were largely preserved. Existing furnishings and furniture were professionally renovated and integrated into the contemporary living concept.

Particular emphasis was placed on using natural building materials from the region and to outsource the work to craft businesses from the Bregenzerwald.

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