Sohm Timber Construction, Alberschwende
Sohm Timber Construction, Alberschwende

Project Information


  • Project Leader
    Arch. DI Roland Wehinger
  • Colleague
    Johannes Grissmann
  • Cost Planning
    Sohm Holzbautechnik GesmbH, Alberschwende
  • Building Site Manager
    Sohm Holzbautechnik GesmbH, Alberschwende
  • Builder-Owner
    Sohm Holzbautechnik GesmbH, Alberschwende



    Project facts 612m²,
    GFA heated 815 (1.300) m²,
    GBV heated 2.670 m³

    Project Phases
    new building

    Text Hermann Kaufmann + Partner ZT GmbH
    Translation Bronwen Rolls
    Photo Bruno Klomfar

    Project Stakeholders
    • Structural Engineering Timber Construction
      gbd ZT GmbH, Dornbirn
    • Structural Engineering Concreate Construction
      Mader & Flatz ZT GmbH, Bregenz

    Sohm Timber Construction, Alberschwende

    Innovative approaches to traditional solid timber construction creates a whole new perspective.

    The innovative timber company Sohm, in Alberschwende in Bregenzerwald had the opportunity to expand onto newly purchased land. The steep, sloping land allowed for the integration of storage space and a new heating installation system in the basement. It also allowed for the construction of a covered, but open, multi-purpose hall with a two-storey office, rising above the ground floor.

    »This is an example of a modern timber construction of the highest technological level in our time.«

    Univ.-Prof. Arch. DI Hermann Kaufmann

    The challenges when elaborating the design were twofold; the formal adaptation to the irregular land and the architectural connection of the extension with the open plan factory workshop with the small office space.

    A shell of vertically standing timber slats, with clamped Plexiglas, soothes the whole ensemble and reacts precisely to the predetermined geometry of the land. The rounded edges enhance the concept of ‘enveloping’.

    The roof of the open hall rests on the office building, which is made completely out of timber and which is placed on a massive elevated ground level. Sohm produces anchoring timber elements. They are solid timber elements which are not bonded, but connected with diagonally drilled beech dowel pins. The office building is completely constructed with such elements which form the overall impression of the interior rooms. The natural finished timber without bonding guarantees a healthy working environment.

    Project Details


    • Staatspreis Architektur – Industrie und Gewerbe
      2010 (Auszeichnung)
    • Broschüre Staatspreis Architektur 2010
      ZN A-04, BMfWFJ, Broschüre pdf - 1,7 MB
    • Sohm Holzbautechnik Büro und Lagerhalle
      ZN Z-181, Staatspreis Architektur 2010 - Broschüre, S.10-12
    • Büro und Lagerhalle für Sohm in Alberschwende
      ZN B-060, Arbeitswelten, Edition Detail, 2011; S.124-127
    • Sohm Holzbau, Alberschwende
      ZN B-063, Best of Austria 2010_11, S. 142-143