Kessler, Hirschegg
Kessler, Hirschegg

Project Information


  • Project Leader
    DI (FH) Juliane Wiljotti
  • Cost Planning
    Bmst. Gerold Hämmerle
  • Building Site Manager
    DI Helmut Haberstock, Sonthofen (D)
  • Builder-Owner
    Sieglinde und Klaus Kessler



    Project facts
    WNLF 326 m², GFA 405,50 m²,
    GBV 1.645,20 m³

    Photo Stefan Hiebeler - Architekten Hermann Kaufmann
    Translation Bronwen Rolls
    , Hermann Kaufmann + Partner ZT GmbH

    Project Stakeholders

    Kessler, Hirschegg

    The perfect design solution for modern alpine home.

    The family home for these hoteliers, positioned right next to their old farm, tries to answer the popular question in alpine tourist regions: how to design a modern building in such a way that over time it is accepted by the surrounding, community and visitors alike?

    The materialisation of the structure in this timber-rich region is obvious.  The form is based on the traditional gable roofed longhouse, which does not play with historical formalities of the design. It is however, by its very modern details, developed into a self-confident new statement.

    Structurally, it is a solid timber construction with visible walls and ceilings made of knot-free diagonal timber elements. This gives the interiors a special atmosphere, because the bulkiness of the shell is noticeable and clearly different from furnished rooms.

    The insulation materials are carefully selected according to ecological criteria (wood fibre insulation), together with the low energy construction results in a high ecological standard and a resource-saving construction concept.

    Project Details