Oxa Store, Bildstein
Oxa Store, Bildstein

Project Information


  • Project Leader
    DI (FH) Sandra Endres
  • Colleague
    BM DI Eugen Keler
  • Cost Planning
    Bmst. Gerold Hämmerle
  • Building Site Manager
    BM DI Eugen Keler
  • Builder-Owner
    Gemeinde Bildstein



    Project facts
    n.b.ar. 105,0 m², GFA 132,75 m²,
    GBV 424,80 m³

    Text Marko Sauer
    Translation Bronwen Rolls
    Photo HK Architekten

    Project Stakeholders

    Oxa Store, Bildstein

    A wonderful new design of a community lynch-pin.

    The former kiosk of Bildstein, which was affiliated to the restaurant “Ox”, is the only shop in the village. If it did not exist, the residents would have to get into their cars and drive to the neighbouring villages, far below in the valley. The kiosk of the “Ox” had to be extended and renovated to be fit for purpose, to keep up with the demands of the village.

    The store will continue to be a supermarket under the new name of “OXA Lädele”. The conversions required had to be cost effective, as high investment would threaten the longevity of the Lädele. The eastern extension of the guest house to house the kiosk was renovated inside. The shop window was extended to create a large entrance front. The shingle facade is packed and insulated. The original canopy made of steel and solid timber remains and was integrated into the new design seamlessly. Despite the tight budget, the regulatory requirements have been met for grocery store, the ATM security requirements were the biggest challenge in this project.

    The expansion is simply realised and utilises off-the-shelf shelving units. The design is sparse and utilitarian to meet the goal of creating a solid economic base for running the business, while still maintaining a level of intrigue; people could see that something new has sprung up alongside the OX.

    In addition to everyday goods, the “OXA Lädelä” also sells numerous specialities from the region: local farmers and producers supply the shop with vegetables, meat, dairy products, eggs and cheese. A small oven allows OXA Lädelä to offer freshly baked bread.

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