Project Information


  • Cooperation
    Atelier AWI - Adelgund Witte
  • Colleague
    ADE Guillaume E. Weiss
    Martin Rümmele
  • Cost Planning
    Cabinet Luc Gilbert
  • Building Site Manager
    Cabinet Luc Gilbert + Atelier AWI
  • Builder-Owner
    Conseil Régional du Centre, France



    Project facts 5107 m²

    Project Phases

    Text HK Architekten,
    Translation Bronwen Rolls

    Photo DI Roland Wehinger

    Project Stakeholders
    • Structural Engineering Timber Construction
      2B Ingénierie
    • Structural Engineering Concreate Construction
    • Heating Ventilation and Sanitary Planning
      Alto Ingénierie
    • Electronics Planning
      Alto Ingénierie
    • Akustik
      AIDA – acoustique
    • Building Physics
      Alto Ingénierie

    Gaudier Bzreska Vocational School, Orleans

    A timber laminate building that showcases and houses the woodcraft specialists of tomorrow.

    The Gaudier Bzreska High School, in Saint Jean de Braye, had become too small to accommodate and teach all the students who were flooding in. Therefore a new building was commissioned. This new space, with a total of 5000 m², is completely dedicated to the training of woodcraft professions. Spacious, with room for the sun light to poor in, it had to be the embodiment of woodcraft, so a system utilising laminated timber was the obvious solution.

    The building’s specifications were strongly influenced by its purpose (woodcraft training). The building is based on two parts: a hall (for teaching) and workshops (for the skilled craftsmen). In addition, the builders working on the project wanted wide areas without any obstacles for the establishment of the specialist workshops. Different design solutions were used with laminated timber, depending on the building and the activities taking place in it:

    The Hall

    Column / beam  construction of laminated timber/ facades with timber girders / triangulated beams as support / wind band pillars made of timber laminate.

    The Workshop

    Mixed structure of metal columns / beams of laminated timber/ concrete slabs.

    Reception Room

    Mixed structure of peripheral support posts made of laminated timber/ metal posts and central beams.

    Project Details