Sutterlüty P, Egg
Sutterlüty P, Egg

Project Information


Birgit und Paul Sutterlüty



Project facts
WNFL 330 m², GFA 430 m²,
GBV 1.350 m³

Text Hermann Kaufmann + Partner ZT GmbH,
Translation Bronwen Rolls

Photo Bruno Klomfar

Project Stakeholders
  • Structural Engineering Timber Construction
    merz kaufmann partner GmbH, Dornbirn
  • Structural Engineering Concreate Construction
    Mader + Flatz Baustatik ZT GmbH, Bregenz
  • Heating Ventilation and Sanitary Planning
    Planungsteam E-Plus GmbH, Egg
  • Electronics Planning
    Strom Jos Elektrofachgeschäft GmbH, Egg

Sutterlüty P, Egg

A new subversion in traditional Bregenzerwald architecture.

Is a flat roof right in the Bregenzerwald? This question occupied the architect and builder and all the community representatives when starting this project. After a detailed discussion process, it was finally agreed that in this situation, this roof shape is possible due to the structurally diverse neighbourhood.

The quality of a house depends not only on the right roof shape.  This house takes over many attributes of the Bregenzerwald house such as the elongated body, the materialisation, the relationship with the terrain and the simple and clear design that tries, despite its “strange” roof shape, to embrace dialogue with the architectural tradition.

Project Details