Spinnereistraße, Hard
Spinnereistraße, Hard
Spinnereistraße, Hard
Spinnereistraße, Hard
Spinnereistraße, Hard
Project Information

Spinnereistraße, Hard

Prefabricated timber allows for low-cost, social housing in the perfect central location.

There is a huge demand for low-cost, social housing in the Bodensee community in Hard. The residential complex Spinnereistraße is located adjacent to existing residential complexes and the “Schöller factory” near Lake Constance, 10 minutes from the centre of Hard. The objective of the project was to optimise the building’s structure, floor plan, and the structural concept in order to make living in this great location as affordable as possible by minimising rental and operating costs.

The result is a cuboid structure with minimised entrance ways and open parking. The building shell, of prefabricated timber wall elements and well-insulated roofing, allows for a low-energy construction. Credit is given to the developers on this project due to their openness to try new processes. What is unusual is the skeleton construction using timber wall elements, the prefabricated wash rooms and the photovoltaic system, which are designed as sliding shutters on the south face of the building.

  • Project Leader
    DI Werner Wertaschnigg
  • Colleague
    Michael Allgäuer
  • Builder-Owner
    Vogewosi, Dornbirn



    Project facts
    n.b.ar. 4.083,00 m², GFA 4.900,00 m²,
    GBV 16.422,00 m³

    Text Hermann Kaufmann + Partner ZT GmbH
    Photo Bruno Klomfar

    • Structural Engineering
      DI Ingo Gehrer, Höchst
    • Heating Ventilation and Sanitary Planning
      Kurt Prautsch, Schlins
    • Electronics Planning
      Norbert Steiner, Nüziders
    • Building Physics/Acoustics
      DI Dr. Lothar Künz ZT GmbH, Hard
    • Green Space Planning
      DI Barbara Bacher, Linz

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    Project Details
    • Holz – ein universeller Baustoff
      ZN Z-108, Hermann Kaufmann, Detail, Bauen mit Holz 1/2 2004, S.14