Pflegeheim Jesuheim, Lochau

On the move

The Jesuheim nursing home in Lochau, together with all those involved, is facing a major challenge

At the beginning of June, the temporary structure, consisting of 36 modules, will be move to the new, recently built Pfänder Haus. This process will take place within a very short time during ongoing operations, which is a special task due to the unpredictable weather.

After completion of the first two floors, ground floor and first floor, of Pfänder House, the first residents will be relocated from the temporary building. There, operations will be resumed immediately. After successful completion of this work, the modules of the provisional building will finally be relocated as further floors, 2nd and 3rd floor, and connected directly to the prepared installations. Meanwhile, the remaining residents will gradually move in.

All the companies involved are looking forward to successfully completing the work and continuing to provide high-quality care and support to the residents and staff of the Jesuheim nursing home.

[April 2023, The process is shown in the video]

We will be reporting live on social media in June:

  • Pflegeheim Jesuheim - Bauprozess

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piece by piece, step by step

On a long summer’s day, the modules from the Provisorium are moved, one at a time, to settle in their permanent home. Cranes lift and trucks relocate the modules over the course of a few days and the end result is a new, permanent, functional and beautiful housing space.⁠

With the use of the identical module units the process has significant stress reduction for those who require stability and routine

The new building will become a place that is both comfortable and recognisable to its residence and care team. 

[June 2023]


  • Relocation process: 4 days
  • Number of modules relocated: 36
  • Transporting one module: appproximately 30 minutes
  • On average 9 modules were transported per day

  • Umsiedlung der Module des Provisoriums

Aufbau Haus Pfänder

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Abstand 2

Abbruch Haus Pfänder

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Abstand 3

Aufbau Provisorium

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