Date of Publishing
September 2023

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B&O wooden multi-storey car park, Bad Aibling

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Public buildings: Orientation. Protection. Identity.

From town halls to fire departments to community centres. In their often-overlooked diversity, public buildings shape the quality of a place to live and therefore enjoy great public interest.

They organise coexistence in cities and communities, meet the need for security and care and play an important role in establishing identity and community. Public building always means designing a public space in which people meet, differences collide and demands are negotiated. In the best case, architecture can help create a “common ground.”

The compendium deals with the importance of social and technical infrastructure in cities and municipalities. When it comes to the architecture of the building, the focus is not just on its usefulness. In this book, forty-five projects illustrate how architecture finds new ways to combine content-functional relevance with high design quality in public buildings.

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