July 2018

Text German Werkbund (German Association of Craftsmen) in Baden-Württemberg,
Image Christa Engstler


Blattur Götzis receives the Werkbund label 2018

The German Werkbund (German Association of Craftsmen) in Baden-Württemberg has, since 2016, been awarding the biennial Werkbund Label. The award is given to exceptional projects, initiatives and companies, those that are innovative, forward-looking or have outstanding creative qualities, promote social or political benefits.

The aim is to highlight those that can be role models. The entries are judged against multiple criteria such as environmentally friendly technologies and energies, and the promotion of positive societal development. The awarded projects usually meet several of the award criteria.

The project Blattur in Götzis is among the ten winners to receive the Werkbund Label 2018. The German Werkbund stands for critical thinking, for innovation, for public action, social responsibility and creative quality. Founded in 1907, today it is an important driving force for positivity when it comes to future issues in architecture, urban planning, design, ecology, education and education.