November 2023

Smart Bauen is now published

Architectural and technical strategies for energy-optimised buildings, neighbourhoods and cities.

The book Smart Bauen was published on 27 July after four years of research and focused work. The wide range of topics in the field of sustainable building has now been complied into a graphically presented overview, covering a wide variety of subjects.

Building smart means developing a holistic concept that aims to optimise energy and material consumption as well as comfort and design for the respective building task. The author presents a variety of future-oriented building concepts – starting from the individual room through to the façade, whole structure and also entire city districts.

The strategies and construction principles are each considered under the aspect of an intelligent and energy-optimised construction method and are clearly conveyed with the help of numerous practical examples.

Experts and stakeholders will have their say and share their experiences. Thanks to its interdisciplinary and cross-thematic approach, the book is aimed equally at architects and engineers as well as building owners and anyone interested in architecture and urban planning in the context of the energy transition.

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