June 2019
source Land Vorarlberg , Image Hermann Kaufmann + Partner ZT GmbH

Ground breaking ceremony for ASZ Vorderland

Interkommunal for more sustainability!

11 municipalities work together to realise the Recycling Centre (ASZ) Vorderland. At the celebration of the laying of the foundation stone on 06.06.2019, President Harald Sonderegger emphasised the positive example displayed by this extraordinary cooperation – beyond the topic of waste disposal and recycling. The plant is now under construction and will be completed by the end of 2019. President of the State Parliament Sonderegger sees the centre as a “further collaborative step on the path of sustainability”.

With the ASZ, an important regional infrastructure is jointly created by the surrounding municipalities, improving the quality of the location and the quality of life for around 30,000 citizens. Starting in the first quarter of 2020, they will be able to know their waste has been meaningfully repurposed, recycled and used.

The opportunity to process about 40 different valuables and problem substances for about 30 hours per week will make the ASZ Vorderland a valuable service centre for the people in the region, something the President Sonderegger is sure of.

The project is “inter communal” in several ways, as Sonderegger noted. The fact that 11 municipalities (specifically: Fraxern, Klaus, Laterns, Meiningen, Rankweil, Röthis, Sulz, Übersaxen, Viktorsberg, Weiler and Zwischenwasser) will work together to build an ASZ is a first in Vorarlberg. Through the planned cooperation with the recycling and waste management centre in Feldkirch, existing experiences and synergies will be utilised.

»The construction of the ASZ Vorderland has an exemplary effect – not least by clearly showing how sustainable solutions can be found and implemented in Vorarlberg through community cooperation. If we cooperate across community boundaries, then we can do more. Together, we can work more efficiently, conserve resources and anticipate, and provide people with better services.«

Harald Sonderegger

The President of the State Parliament thanked all those responsible from the municipalities, the Regio Vorderland and the other project participants, and congratulated them all on the construction progress already visible.