Energy-Efficient Construction: Practice Well Advanced Compared to Regulations – Appeal by Hermann Kaufmann

As demonstrated by the example provided by Günter, it is clear that practice has already advanced significantly beyond the regulations governing construction. Today, it is entirely feasible to construct energy-positive buildings without incurring substantial additional costs. For instance, we built a school in Diedorf where we demonstrated this possibility five to seven years ago. My call is directed towards policymakers, emphasizing the urgent need to significantly tighten regulations and requirements. One possible approach is to mandate that new constructions must be energy-positive buildings or, at the very least, zero-energy buildings. This is technically feasible and implementable. By doing so, we would also provide support to our young individuals who are currently expressing their protests and initiating various actions to be heard and to drive this transition in heating practices. This would give them something tangible to hold onto, a sign that progress is indeed happening in this realm. That’s my request.”

Hermann Kaufmann

In an interview with varmeco Managing Director Philipp Stockklausner, Architect Prof. Hermann Kaufmann and Günter Morscher, CEO of Morscher Bau- und Projektmanagement GmbH, discuss how buildings can be designed, constructed, and heated with energy efficiency in mind.

The interview in German can be watched here: media library