March 2017
Text Gemeindeverband Altstoffsammelzentrum Hofsteig, image VLK/W. Micheli

Ground-breaking ceremony for the Hofsteig Recycling Centre

The ground-breaking ceremony on 2nd March 2017 marks the start of the construction of the Altstoffsammelzentrum (ASZ) Hofsteig in Lauterach.

The four municipalities of Lauterach, Kennelbach, Schwarzach and Wolfurt will create a whole new level of recycling recourses for their residents. They will offer recycling and sustainable management for over 45 different existing substances and experts will be on-hand during the extensive opening hours to offer their advice to the local community.

With regard to the environment and resource management, the municipalities are setting new standards for the benefit of the future. The ASZ will start its trial operation this autumn.