Forster Reifen, Lauterach
Forster Reifen, Lauterach

Project Information


AJE GmbH, Lochau



Project facts 7.230 m², GFA 10.710 m²,
GBV 42.900 m³

Text Hermann Kaufmann + Partner ZT GmbH, Englisch: Bronwen Rolls

Project Stakeholders

Reifen Forster, Lauterach

Light, transparent strength and functionality.

As part of the relocation to a former food wholesale centre, the tyre service hall was built on the car park to the fount of the building. Here tyre service work can be carried out on trucks, sheltered by a ‘flying’ roof from 3 sides. This roof faces the entrance’s glass facade, making it necessary to make the building as light and transparent as possible. The main beams are laid on clamped reinforced concrete columns, to which the very narrow sub-beams, which are only 6 cm wide, are attached. These secondary beams lie directly on supports in the side facade area. The windbreak of this wall is accomplished with acrylic glass plates clamped in the pillars.

Project Details


  • Forster Reifen – Hier geht es rund
    ZN Z-238, Architektur International, April 2013, S. 75