Project Information


STOF Immobilien GmbH, Graz

Feldkirchen bei Graz (A)


Text Marko Sauer,
Translation Bronwen Rolls
, Hermann Kaufmann + Partner ZT GmbH

Legero, Graz

2. Platz

The shoe factory Legero, which was founded in 1872, is planning a new headquarters with an outlet shop with administration and sales area, in the area next to Graz airport. The urban arrangement of the design creates a division characterised by clear orientations and lines.

The main building is designed with farm-like qualities, including quiet outdoor yards with natural plants.  This also provides courtyard-oriented, high- quality workstations. The transparent roofing serves as an environmental filter, as the roof reduces the surrounding traffic noise and other emissions. In summer it acts as a sun shade, in winter as heat storage.

The development of the headquarters is via a central main entrance with a view of the sample production, and the presentation rooms. The office floors can do without wall installations allowing for departments to be flexible, and offices and meeting rooms can be arranged anywhere along the facade. The depth of the facade offers a major advantage in summer with protection against heat; the building envelope has Passive House quality.

The atrium acts as a thermal buffer, which allows the heat to escape overnight in the summer and keeps the outside air warm in winter. The park and courtyards, with their relaxed and playful design, create an exciting contrast to the clearly structured office building.