Project Information


Hans Künz GmbH

Hard (A)


Text Marko Sauer,
Translation Bronwen Rolls

Image Hermann Kaufmann + Partner ZT GmbH

Project Stakeholders

The Headquarters of Künz GmbH, Hard

Künz GmbH in Hard is one of the oldest companies in Vorarlberg’s engineering industry. The industrial area at Hard needs to be extended to include an office building. For this, the family business ran a competition.

The challenge was to efficiently link to the existing complex and, in the same way, complement the area in an urbanistic way. The project provides a slender and tall office building, with the industrial developments to the north forming a striking conclusion to the site. With the installation of the parking spaces, an attractive park is being created in the middle of the industrial area.

The new access is to the west. From there you go into a spacious, two-storey entrance hall. A green inner courtyard between the office and parking expands the hall spatially. It offers a reception, waiting area, exhibition space and room for meetings on the first floor.

The construction characterises the materialisation of the interior: steel girders and timber cladding remain visible. Slots in-between the timber boards provide good acoustics, while the timber ceiling creates a warm, comfortable atmosphere and a productive working environment. The generous glazing of the façade offers well-lit rooms. Venetian blinds and canopies in the south protect against the summer heat.