Dorf, Krumbach
Dorf, Krumbach

Project Information


Morscher Bau- und Projektmanagement GmbH, Mellau



Project facts
House 1+2 2.327 m², GFA 1.974 m²,
GBV 6.171 m³
1 House 10 kWh/m²a
2 House 8 kWh/m²a


Photo Robert Fessler
Translation Bronwen Rolls
Text Hermann Kaufmann + Partner ZT GmbH

Project Stakeholders
  • Structural Engineering
    DI Ingo Gehrer, Höchst
  • Heating Ventilation and Sanitary Planning
    Planungsteam E-Plus GmbH, Egg
  • Electronics Planning
    Elektro Sutter, Krumbach

Dorf, Krumbach

Consolidating an energy efficient and sustainable town centre.

The multi-family house Dorf Krumbach is another step towards the central development of Krumbach. It began 10 years ago with the construction of the community centre, and was continued by the renovation of the old municipal office as well as the renovation of the large hotel and restaurant, Adler. The clear objective of the community is to develop the centre as much as possible. The two newly built apartment buildings make a significant contribution to this, and form an important spatial consolidation of the town centre.

»We tried to send out a signal with this project. Residential buildings have tremendous potential with regards to sustainability and climate protection, which should be maximised.«

Mayor and Client, Arnold Hirschbühl

The main initiator of this development is the current mayor Arnold Hirschbühl, who also contributed the plot of land for this new venture. The two new buildings take their proportions and dimensions from the adjacent old farmhouse and form, with the farmhouse, an ensemble within the centre. Both houses have pitched roofs and a consistent natural timber finish. While the street-side building is social housing with rental apartments, the back house is a private condominium.

Both buildings are designed as Passive Houses, a large photovoltaic system on the southern roof surface of the front house generates almost the same amount of energy in the annual balance as is needed by the two houses for maintenance. This is a balanced zero-energy building; this development represents an important contribution to the consolidation of the existing town centre and as an exemplary building in terms of energy efficiency and sustainability.

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