Arch. DI Roland Wehinger

Executive Board Member | Partner

Since 1998 I have been privileged to be part of the team here at HK Architekten. For me it has been the people I have worked with along my journey into architecture, the relationships we have created and the enjoyment of collaboration. The germination of an idea and its manifestation in design and then realisation in a building will always be fascinating as a process to me.

“One of my most memorable building projects in my career was the community centre in Ludesch. It was the first timber Passive House building of my career and the first-time community engagement on this scale influenced the entire process and final design.”

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DI Stefan Hiebeler


Since 1996 I have been a core part of HK Architekten. Hermann Kaufmann has always been an inspiration, and it was a great opportunity to join the company. I’m inspired by the principles of the Bauhaus movement, which aimed to design practical and unfussy spaces and buildings. I consider it a challenge to implement the guiding principle “form follows function” as well as “less is more” in the design logic of the natural building material timber.

“When a client trusts us with their project, we dedicate ourselves to the work to make sure we give them the very best possible journey and destination. It’s never just the final structure it’s the relationship, the design process and the realisation of an idea or a principle. Attention to detail and the beauty of timber construction all make my work at HK Architekten a pleasure “

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DI Christoph Dünser


In 1989 I first stepped through the doors here as an intern. I have been part of the HK Architekten team full time since 1998. My professional interests are the combination of traditional craftsmanship and experimental structural design. Our building projects are frequently integrated into research projects and push the limits of what is possible. Therefore, the planning team work to formulate scientific hypothesis all the way through to the point of implementation.

“When you are trusted with an ancient building you have a responsibility to not only the building itself to restore and perves its heritage and ensure its future; you also must consider the community it serves. The people who will pass through its door matter. Restoration and renovation projects have a special place in my heart.”

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