Propstei St. Gerold – Haupthaus Sanierung, St. Gerold

Abstand 4

Phase 4 – Anhebung des Glasdaches


Eine erhabene Konstruktion mit einer giebelartigen Form, die zugleich als Stahlträger dient,

verkörpert die harmonische Verschmelzung von Architektur und Ingenieurskunst.

Abstand 3

Phase 3 – Erneuerung Dachstuhl Ost

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Propstei St. Gerold – Haupthaus Sanierung, St. Gerold | Foto Arch. DI Roland Wehinger | 2023-08-23

Innenausbau Update

Abstand 2

railing for the stairs

installation: Schlosserei Kalb

material: steel rough, oiled


Phase 2 – renovating the west roof

Ancient timber still stands proud.

The restoration work continues with great care and skill at Propstei St. Gerold in the main building. ⁠

Now, it’s the time for more of the many roofs to be erected and made sound. The west roof has come to life piece by piece. The new timber system has been carefully put into place while elegant dormer windows with copper cladding stand out.

The original beams, with their ancient, hand made markings stand in their exact place as they have done for centuries. They note the time passed and the care taken to select, craft and install them.⁠

The preservation of these old beam timbers marks the coming and going of time as they are now encased in the new timber structure, held in place to support the new roof via a sturdy steel support system. The ancient and the new sit together here as they do throughout this project. ⁠

Another page in the history book of St Gerold is complete, and the next page and chapters are ready to begin. Next it is the roof of the east wing.

  • Phase 2 - Erneuerung Dachstuhl West

Covering for the radiators

Ultra-modern manufacturing meets traditional carpentry

For a renaissance room, in the main building of the Propstei St. Gerold, the team – consisting of Christoph Dünser, Saskia Weber and Dominic Wild – is working on a new covering for the radiators. Using the in-house laser cutter, the first prototypes have already been produced from wood.

The manufacturing is done by Markus Palzenberger. His innovative laser cutters are able to create a precise design by selectively burning into the surface of the 20mm thick panels exactly.

Afterwards, restorer Edgar Waldner will apply a suitable varnish to the panelling and expertly install it to ensure a perfect match with the existing building.

The panel

3-layer panel in solid ash with a thickness of 20 mm
Frick Burtscher Holz mit Technik GmbH, Dornbirn

By using specially selected ash with a fine grain and rift/semi rift annual rings, the 3-layer panel is produced with increased gluing accuracy. After laser cutting, the panel is finished with a head sanding process to remove the singed surface and slightly frayed edges.


Markus Palzenberger, Forstau

The craftsman

Edgar Waldner, Egg

See his work in St. Gerold on Instagram
Wainscoting around J. 1590
Wood carvings, perfect-imperfect
Wood restoration


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    Prototyp | Hausinterner Lasercutter
  • 1627351763 f4d931b5866b7eb7fbcb536dffa48e8332720ca0271c2c48af6f3bfb6107ffef d
    Prototyp | Kanten brechen

Phase 1 – renovating the south roof

A Provostry has stood here in St Gerold since the 13th century. ⁠

It has seen the world change and develop around it.⁠

Today we are honoured to be part of the next step in the evolution of this pillar of the community it serves. ⁠

This is the first phase, the reconstruction of the roof trusses. We are using the latest Cross Laminate timber materials to give this building a new future.⁠

Watch phase 1 unfold in this short film. This is just the initial works, many more phases will also be documented for you to enjoy. ⁠

  • Propstei St. Gerold - main building renovation | phase 1. The roof
  • 1589517280 4bef7dfd7f196023adaf0987bf4c4b6ee20082b30af0ae8ff2036e0bcb2860cf d
    video 1, Abbruch Dach
  • 1589516571 27cce72400a07cd04119bafa9406cb4cb34bfa038fb80728f43a6617a8418eac d
    video 2, Abbruch Dach
  • 1589524988 33b3555895a4ae2104f44d4800af4fe8250c0bf6a57d04c6bb6934b9582ee770 d
    video 3, Aufbau Dach
  • 1589531246 61c833b71f339b3fc70f46b1a6391c07b698de8f58dd40fd1900dc3139100989 d
    video 4, Aufbau Dach
  • 1590095552 0391a19663d06e410543b9ca6ae919f4605872398b47fbfcc36995c65c44135d d
    video 5, Aufbau Dach
  • 1590093562 dd8826deb86d4393d10b5e7592ea9eac0e9e1905921c7c3c776221a66bbaddbd d
    video 6, Aufbau Dach

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