Center for Children - Steinbockallee, Rum
Center for Children - Steinbockallee, Rum

Project Information


Immobilien Rum GmbH. Co.KG., Rum



Project facts 1526 m², GFA 2800 m²,
GBV 10703 m³
Energy 9,9 kWh/m²a

Project Phases
Steinbockallee, Rum
Center for Children – Steinbockallee, Rum

Text Martina Pfeifer Steiner,
Translation Bronwen Rolls

Photo Bruno Klomfar

Project Stakeholders
  • Structural Engineering Timber Construction
    M+G Ingeniure Dipl, -Ing. Josef Galehr Ziviltechniker GmbH, Feldkirch
  • Structural Engineering Concreate Construction
    Büro IFS Di Saurwein Gerhard, Innsbruck
  • Heating Ventilation and Sanitary Planning
    IB Pratzner Haustechnik GmbH, Jenbach
  • Electronics Planning
    Haslinger & Gstrein GmbH & Co KG, Innsbruck
  • Building Physics/Acoustics
    SPEKTRUM Bauphysik & Bauökologie GmbHm Niederlassung Tirol, Innsbruck
  • Landscape Planning
    Architekten Hermann Kaufmann ZT GmbH
  • Light Design
    conceptlicht at GmbH, Mils/Innsbruck

Center for Children – Steinbockallee, Rum

A timber and concrete hybrid, creating openness and energy efficiency.

Residential development in Rum made it necessary to build another kindergarten. The centre for children creates, with the two residential buildings, a three-sided enclosed courtyard. It is a semi-public place, with play areas for the children and access paths to the residential blocks. The entire basement is underground parking, refuse and storage rooms.

»The air quality and light quality improves the readiness to learn and also improves the concentration levels of the children.«

Holzbaupreis Tirol, 2015

The space includes five nurseries, two crèche rooms, an exercise room, a spacious dining area with a kitchen, all of which open onto gardens, terrace spaces or relaxation rooms via large glazed doors. Colour accents in furniture and the wall-mounted wardrobes are created using silver fir, in the otherwise white environment. Happy apple green greets arrivals at the Haus Der Kinder.  Oak louvres that run from the basement to the upper floor bring in natural light.

The two-storey concrete-timber hybrid construction, with prefabricated timber walls is covered with white melamine resin panels.  The recessed, generously glazed surfaces to terraces and balconies are finished with larch. A staircase runs inconspicuously, but spatially, in an interesting way within the building envelope.

The building achieves Passive House standards.

Project Details


  • Holzbaupreis Tirol
  • Holzbaupreis Tirol
  • Haus der Kinder
    ZN Z-291, Broschüre Holzbaupreis Tirol 2015, S. 22