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NRF 4.753,35 m² | GFA 3.881,7 m² | GBV 43.258,20 m³

Photo Arch. DI Roland Wehinger

Neubaugasse, Lauterach

Affordable Housing for Lauterach

On October 6th, the Wohnbauselbsthilfe (WS) and Rhomberg Bau commenced their joint new construction project in Neubaugasse, Lauterach. Until autumn 2023, the property owner and general contractor will be building a modern complex with 38 affordable apartments in three separate structures on approximately 4.300 square meters of land. In addition to the usual participants, such as the property owner and general contractor, the groundbreaking ceremony also saw the presence of former Mayor Elmar Kolb, representing the Lauterach parish.

The reason behind this is that the residential complex is being developed on the land owned by the Lauterach parish. “We extend our heartfelt thanks to the parish for their commitment, which enables us to create affordable housing locally,” said WS Chief Thomas Schöpf, expressing his gratitude for the involvement of the Lauterach church community. In response, Kolb humbly deflects this thanks, stating, “We are delighted to be able to contribute our part to ensure that Lauterach remains a livable and affordable place for all.”

Sustainability is also a significant aspect of the construction itself, as Christian Jauk, Head of the “GU Wohnbau” division at Rhomberg Bau, pointed out: “We have already paid attention to resource efficiency in the project’s calculation, just as WS and the architect have prioritized sustainability at all levels of development.” The highly gravel-rich subsoil will be entirely transported to the company’s resource center in Dornbirn, where the material will be processed, upgraded, and reused. As for the buildings themselves, they will feature a steel-reinforced concrete skeleton with wooden exterior walls and a wooden facade. The heating system will consist of a ground-water heat pump supported by controlled ventilation. “With these measures,” WS Managing Director Schöpf hopes, “our future tenants will also feel sustainably comfortable in their new homes.”

Factbox Neubaugasse, Lauterach

Property Owner: Wohnbauselbsthilfe, Bregenz
Architecture: HK Architekten, Hermann Kaufmann + Partner ZT GmbH, Schwarzach
General Contractor: Rhomberg Bau GmbH, Bregenz
Construction Period: October 2021 – Autumn 2023
Land Area: Approximately 4.300 square meters
Usable Living Space: 2.637 square meters
3 Buildings with 2, 3, and 4-bedroom apartments + communal space
Number of Floors: E+3 (Buildings A, B), E+2 (Building C)
38 Apartments, 38 Underground Parking Spaces
Special Features:
Exterior Walls + Facade in Wood
Heating System: Ground-Water Heat Pump with Controlled Ventilation Support

[Wohnbauselbsthilfe, Oktober 2021]

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