Studentenheim, Rosenheim
Studentenheim, Rosenheim

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PMA Invest GmbH & Co KG, Prinzregentenstr. 5, Rosenheim

Rosenheim (D)


Text Tina Mott, Translation Bronwen Rolls
Image Hermann Kaufmann + Partner ZT GmbH

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Student Housing, Rosenheim

Student life in a green zone.

In the northwest of the city of Rosenheim, the CAMPUS RO project is within walking distance of the university grounds. Space for student accommodation and recreation is to be created here. The four-storey building is designed according to aspects of low basic energy consumption and compliance with the open space requirements. The structure appears compact and closed to the outside, but it forms a formal opening to the southeast to Marienberger Strasse. A sense of place is formed, the visitor is invited to enter and walk through the park-like courtyard.

Student living is designed with dual principles. The individual rooms are oriented towards the outside to enable a concentrated learning environment. Since coexistence also needs to be promoted and therefore they are grouped together in clusters, whose common areas open up to the inner green zone and are accessed by arcades. In order to ensure high quality standards for the student rooms, they are built as prefabricated timber modules in the factory and then assembled on site. This design also makes it possible to minimise the number of working days on site and the associated weather dependency.

The existing local system feeds low-temperature floor heating, while the air exchange takes place via windows as well as a controlled ventilation system with heat recovery. High insulation standards, efficient building technology and electrical shading guarantee the sustainable and economical management of the system.

The entire site is accessible. Motorised transport is kept to a minimum as the roads of the area have top priority for pedestrians and cyclists. The outdoor activities of student life are concentrated on the inner courtyard, whose green spaces invite you to relax and play. Mobile seating elements and the outside area of ​​the café also create places for talking and interaction.