Kammern, Egg
Kammern, Egg

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  • Project Leader
    DI Marlies Sofia
  • Colleague
    planDREI GmbH, Egg
  • Cost Planning
    planDREI GmbH, Egg
  • Building Site Manager
    planDREI GmbH, Egg
  • Builder-Owner
    Edith und Reinhold Rinner



    Project facts

    Text Hermann Kaufmann + Partner ZT GmbH,
    Translation Bronwen Rolls

    Photo Norman Radon

    Project Stakeholders
    • Implementation
      Fetz Holzbau GmbH, Egg

    Kammern, Egg

    This careful preservation of a traditional Bregenzerwald house helps to maintain regional identity.

    The preservation of old Bregenzerwald houses is very important for the constructive future of the Bregenzerwald in Austria. It is these houses that still characterise the Bregenzerwald, and their disappearance and redundancy would cause a creeping loss of identity.

    »After a year of construction and excellent supervision, the Wälderhaus impresses with clarity, form, materials, comfort and it meets the highest of demands. Traditional and modern – carefully put together – creating a unique and comfortable atmosphere.«


    The existing house is a classic farmhouse with both residential and farming elements, and it is the home to a teacher and an artist. They have adapted to the historical living section of the old farmhouse so that the typical features of old Bregenzerwald home decor remain intact and can be supplemented with modern elements. The farming section of the property, the stables and barn, had been extended and were once used as a garage, a studio and as an apartment. Now the structure has been changed, the brick and concrete garage has been replaced with a modern timber building. As a contrast to the shingled front building, the rear building is vertically clad with timber.

    Project Details


    • Vorarlberger Hypo-Bauherrenpreis
      2010 (Auszeichnung)