Sutterlüty City-Park, Dornbirn
Sutterlüty City-Park, Dornbirn

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Sutterlüty GesmbH & Co; I+R Schertler



Project facts 14.589,00 m², GFA 3.867,00 m²,
GFA 17.038,00 m², GBV 19.800,00 m³

Text Hermann Kaufmann + Partner ZT GmbH,
Translation Bronwen Rolls

Photo Bruno Klomfar

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Sutterlüty City-Park, Dornbirn

An extension that opens up a city’s centre with a light-filled atrium and 21 new residential units.


The Atriumhaus Mozartstrasse is a 2-storey extension of the original building from 1983 called “City-Park” in the centre of Dornbirn, Austria. Over the course of the renovations, the previously planned development of the 3rd and 4th floor was realised. 21 residential and 2 office units spread over 2 floors, grouped around a spacious, bright, glass-covered atrium, with views out across the wonderful panorama. The atrium is connected via a newly constructed vertical development,  via the ground floor with the underground parking spaces on the 2nd floor.

Structurally, the increases made to the construction had to be lightweight; only the false ceiling is a solid component for acoustic reasons. Both the exterior walls to the atrium and the supporting partitions on the fourth floor, and the entire roof construction were realised with prefabricated timber elements. Warm wooden colours dominate the atrium – an attractive space, a semi-public zone in front of the apartments.

Sutterlüty City Park

The commercial building “City-Park”, was built in 1983 and is now in need of refurbishment for functional, structural and architectural reasons.  The two floor extension is possible due to the static planning carried out at the time of construction, allowing for the new 21 residential and 2 office units to be built in this prime location.

In order to create well-lit and high-quality living space the extension was conceived as an atrium placed onto the large commercial structure. Attractive apartments are located around the spacious, glass-roofed atrium, which opens onto both storeys. The living areas are open to the outside, the side rooms and bedrooms that face the inner courtyard are illuminated via the atrium.

Simultaneously the atrium is a semi-public space with open walkways to the apartments. The benches that line the routes and the planted beds invite you to linger. The warm wooden hues of the timber and the exterior walls facing the atrium determine the friendly atmosphere of this space in front of the apartments, which receives a lot of light via an inverted glass roof. Structurally, the extension was carried out largely in lightweight materials. The outer walls to the atrium, the supporting partition walls on the 4th floor, and the entire roof structure was realised with prefabricated timber elements.

Project Details


  • Holzbaupreis Vorarlberg
    2007 (Sanierung / Bestandserweiterung)
  • Mikado
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  • Sutterlüty City-Park
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  • Sutterlüty Citypark – une oasis au coeur de la ville
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  • Holz obenauf
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  • Sutterlüty City Park
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